Halott Pénz

Halott Pénz is currently one of the most popular hip-hop bands in Hungary, originally started as a solo project by Dávid Marsalkó in 2004. The name “Halott Pénz” (Dead Money) was inspired by poker, where it refers to a player whom others believe has no chance of winning. For a long time, the band was just one of many hip-hop bands. However, the first album in 2009 (Fejjel lefelé) and the second in 2010 (Fogyasztás előtt felrázandó) could picture the frontman’s message with uplifting, positive lyrics and clever wordplay. The band gained nationwide recognition with a cleverly crafted music video for one of their songs in 2012. In 2013, a collaboration with Márk Járai (singer, songwriter, guitarist) had a significant impact on their career. In the same year, they released their third album (Szólj anyunak, hogy a városban vagyok) performed by a seven- member band on the A38 ship. Alongside Marsalkó and Járai, the band included Gábor "Venom" Boros as the DJ, Barnabás Prifer on guitar and vocals, Samu Papp on keyboards, Dávid Mihalovics "Ninja" on bass and Mátyás Varga on drums. This album was recognised as the best rap or hip-hop release of the year. The breakthrough came for them in 2015. Together with Wellhello, they wrote the official anthem for the Volt Festival (Emlékszem, Sopronban). Their only cover song to this day, Darabokra törted a szívem (You Broke My Heart Into Pieces) catapulted them to the forefront of Hungarian pop music. Since then, Halott Pénz has performed to full houses at the country's biggest festivals and concert venues. Their 2016 album (Ülni. Örülni. Megőrülni.) brought more big hits and they have been the winners of several music awards: Song of the Year, Band of the Year, Video of the Year and Male Artist of the Year. They have been invited to the main stages of the biggest Hungarian festivals and their success continues to soar as they create lots of memorable songs.

Last update: 2024-5, Szigeti László

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