Žagar (Zagar)

Žagar is a well-known band of the Hungarian electronic music scene. Their unique sound is based on electronic beats combined with the psychedelic moods back to the late ‘60s. In 2001, three members of Yonderboi's band - Balázs Zságer (keyboards, electronics, vocals), Andor Kovács (guitar) and DJ Bootsie (scratch) – along with drummer Tibor Lázár started their own project under the name Pulzus. The following year they adopted the name Žagar associated with the name of the keyboardist. Their debut LP (Local Broadcast, 2002) featured artists such as the singer Edina Kutzora, who previously had also appeared with Yonderboi and their childhood friend György Ligeti, who after a short while became a member of the band. The heavily filmic, richly orchestrated, mid- and downtempo songs supported by sound samples and strings achieved significant critical and audience success. The next album (Szezon.Eastern Sugar, 2004) with its airy and calm tone was made for the movie “Szezon” and marked the end of an era. In the mid 2000s, Žagar started to follow the general acceleration of the music scene and produced a more dynamic and catchy album (Cannot Walk Fly Instead, 2007). The track “Wings of Love” featuring underground divas such as Edina Kutzora, Bori Péterfy, Sena Dagadu, Juci Németh, Enikő Hodosi and Judie Jay became a huge hit. Zságer-Varga Ákos (Zságer Balázs’s brother) joined the band as bass guitarist. In 2009, the band performed as the opening act for Depeche Mode at the Puskás Ferenc Stadium. In 2013, they released an album with a lighter tone and chillwave influences (Light Leaks) which was followed by another soundtrack album centred around synthesizers, titled My Night Your Day. In 2019, they released Woods, Spirits & Sorcery a more psychedelic and otherworldly album with influences from Africa. By this time, neither DJ Bootsie nor György Ligeti was part of the band. In addition to the main production, Zságer Balázs creates commercial music, runs other music projects (Changing Grey, Žagar Experience), performs as a techno DJ and has founded the Move Gently label, which mainly focuses on young Eastern European artists. Žagar’s unique sound has been incorporated into short and feature films and their tracks appear several times in popular TV series like CSI:Miami and CSI:New York.

Last update: 2023-9, Szigeti László

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