Bagossy Brothers Company

The Transylvanian Bagossy Brothers Company, founded in Gyergyószentmiklós, is one of the immensely popular bands of the late 2010s, and with their folk-infused softrock music, it has grown to become a widely-known Hungarian formation not only in the country but also in the entire Carpatian Basin. They have given many concerts in the biggest concert halls of the region, and have even performed in Hungary’s largest indoor arena, the Papp László Sports Arena which has more than 10,000 seats. In 2013, the eponymous Bagossy brothers, Norbert Bagossy (guitar, vocals) and László Bagossy (bass guitar, vocals) founded the band accompanied by Attila Tatár (guitars, vocals), Zsombor Kozma (violin, harmonica, keyboards) and Szilárd Bartis (drums). In the first years, they mainly performed concerts in Transylvania where they released their debut album (Elviszlek, 2015). After their songs were played by Hungarian radio stations, they appeared to give concerts in Budapest and nationwide as well. The increasingly popular band plays with an unchanged lineup to this day and has recorded four albums: Elviszlek (2015), A Nap Felé (2017), Veled Utazom (2019), Fordul a világ (2021); a symphonic concert (Csendes Vizeken Live, feat. Heureka Pop Orchestra (2020); an EP Vakít a Kék (2016) and countless music videos during their career so far. And they keep going, as Norbert Bagossy said in an interview: “…we have plenty of topics to explore. I think nowadays a band cannot afford to disappear for a long time. The world has accelerated, and if you are not in the spotlight, people will forget you or get bored. But we do not write our songs out of compulsion but out of passion. We do what we love, so the songs are somewhere within us and come naturally.”

Last update: 2024-3, Jávorszky Béla Szilárd

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