One of the most popular and significant Hungarian rock bands of the new millennium. The founders of the band are Zoltán Beck (guitar, vocals), László Beck (drums, vocals), Zoltán "Papa" Sárközy (keyboards, vocals). In 2000, they met Ádám Varga, a bass guitarist at the University of Pécs, who brought the locally popular guitarist Endre Gradvolt. During the first year, the quintet was complemented by female vocalists and a violinist. Later Áron Bóra joined them as a permanent guest on percussion. The band's name was inspired by a local bus turnaround. These characters spelt the same in every language in the world, not to mention that the numbers rank first in any alphabetical listing. Moreover, the name means nothing. According to their own admission, their music is influenced by the experimental English bands of the 1990s (Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Radiohead, Blur), as well as the highly popular Hungarian band Kispál és a Borz. Their debut CD (Egy perccel tovább) was released in 2004. After that they released several successful albums making them extremely popular: Csészényi tér (2006), Semmi szédítő magasság (2007), Városember (2010), Szentimentálé ( 2012). Afterwards, as a band, they refrained from performing at festivals and releasing albums for several years. Instead, the Beck brothers released a duet album titled: Bezzeg a kurva Beckek (2013). Additionally, in the same year, they realeased the remix album Y-Triász RMX . With the departure of Endre Gradvolt, the original quintet became a quartet in 2014 and released the CD Dicsőség (2016), followed three years later by the album Ki az, akit még megölelnél. Zoltán Beck (1971, Devecser, Hungary), the band's driving force, frontman and primary songwriter, is also an adjunct lecturer at the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Pécs, where he has implemented the project “Zenélő Egyetem” (Musical University).

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