About us

Who we are and what we do

We are proud to present the Collection of Hungarian Pop Culture at popkulturalis.hu, which now contains nearly two thousand full profiles, many more entries about musicians and bands, hundreds of hours of concert videos and thousands of original photos from the past and present of Hungarian music life.

Through our Collection we create opportunities for people to gain insight into the world of Hungarian musicians and bands. The constantly expanding database provides information not only for those who visit the site for pleasure, but also for researchers, sociologists and historians who want to deal with the area more deeply. The concept behind the structure of popkulturalis.hu is unique in processing the past and archives, through which it also wishes to be useful for the present and the future.

Our primary goal is to present the diverse array of genres and styles from smooth piano music to pulsating electronic beats, from soul-stirring jazz to traditional rock, from engaging hip-hop to the rhythms of world music, everything that can represent the diversity and variety of the Hungarian music scene.

Wish to travel back in time? The system will navigate you through the Collection, you can rewind and find forgotten treasures, or you can reread stories from an era you liked, and  read facts you have never heard before.

Wish to relive a concert from the recent past and find further information about the musicians, you can browse the site, enjoy the concert again, explore new connections with help of the system and immerse yourself in the world of popkulturalis.hu.

The current content of the Collection is based on reputable music magazines and literature, the bios from performers’ websites, as well as the video recordings and photos produced by A38 Ship.

To expand the database we recently made an agreement to collaborate with Akvarium Club, which is one of the most famous among the clubs in Budapest, and contracts are in progress with other prestigious venues like Fonó Budai Zeneház and Budapest Music Centre.

Since its launch in 2021, the Collection has been evolving both in terms of IT support and content. We collect, connect and draw a map of the constantly changing world of Hungarian pop culture. Parallel to this process, our further goal is to meet the needs of our time and make the diverse variety of materials available through the use of digital devices with the help of a user-friendly interface which makes it possible and easy to explore the world of Hungarian pop music. We are among the first in Hungary to apply integrated artificial intelligence (AI) which helps to enhance user experience.

Through providing an always up-to-date landing page we can keep the visitors interested in the contents, thus we make them start browsing the site again and again.

Take a closer look at our Collection and we bring you closer experiences of Hungarian music life.